Quick Overview

This video is a summary of some of the main topics and strategies I'll cover in this course - I recommend watching it first to get a "bird's eye view" before venturing in deeper. HOWEVER - you're also free to skip down to the topics that interest you more.

I've tried to include everything you might need or have questions about, in roughly the order you'll need them, but I understand there is a LOT of content in this course and you may not have time to watch all of the videos. If your book is finished and published already, and you're just trying to learn new ways to market or build your author platform, you can skip down to the marketing section - this course will also include some useful tools, and a limited amount of personal feedback on your Amazon page or author platform. I'm also committed to focusing on engagement and community with this course - I want to keep you active and make sure you're getting the results you want, so I'll be encouraging you to keep up with the material and join activities in the Facebook group.