Write books readers love, publish a work of art, effortlessly launch to #1 bestseller, and actually earn a living with your writing.

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Attn: Attn: Artists, Writers and Creatives: a complete self-publishing and book marketing course to help you finish and launch your bestseller (and fund your next big idea).


Remember the joy of writing, when you could just let your imagination fly and fill pages with your big ideas? Maybe your love for writing is calling you to become an author.

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Everybody wants to write a book,

but actually sitting down and getting it finished is a huge challenge and commitment. And then what?
How do you get people to actually read it? How do you know you're not wasting your time and money chasing an impossible dream?

The publishing industry is a mess,

and great books don’t succeed without marketing. But who has time to build a big platform or get sucked into the tarpit of social media?

Even worse, most authors are getting screwed.

I saw an article recently about a woman who has been pitching agents for over a decade. I saw another about a literary agent lying to authors and stringing them along. And even if you get a publishing deal, it’s unlikely you’ll make a living.

Traditionally published authors are barely scraping by

because all the profit goes to the publishers. And if you want to self-publish you’ll have to figure out everything on your own, without getting ripped off. Self-publishing has become a billion dollar industry, but it’s a “pay-to-publish” scheme profiting off the hopes and dreams of indie authors.

It gets worse: recently Amazon has been trying to penalize

cheaters and scammers, but they accidentally banned hundreds of well-meaning authors from their platform, which means if you do TOO well, or use certain promotions with questionable tactics, you could get your account frozen.


Imagine if there was a

that mapped out exactly how to writing a bestselling book,
while also building a platform of loyal readers - so you could launch a bestseller easily just by sending out one simple email.

Without begging friends and family for book reviews. Without hustling on social media, or spending years waiting for permission from agents or publishers (and collecting stacks of rejection letters.)

Imagine being able to just write what you love, with no stress or fear or frustration about whether your book is good enough, or whether it will earn any money – because your book already has an audience of hungry readers waiting for it.

My first book was a total failure...

I did everything wrong, but my enthusiasm and love for the project never caught on. All they saw was the ugly cover and homemade print job. I was so devastated, I quit writing for almost 10 years. Instead, I worked behind the scenes as an editor and book designer, helping other authors publish their dreams while I went back to school to get a PhD in Literature.

I felt like a fraud and a failure

teaching people about book marketing when I couldn't get my own books to sell. But then I started studying what successful authors were doing differently, and I experimented ruthlessly to discover what actually worked.

After helping over 1000 authors publish their books,

I wrote Book Marketing is Dead to help authors avoid the spammy, annoying tactics that alienate readers, and focus instead on building meaningful relationships. Then I started investigating creative marketing solutions, to get massive amounts of free visibility.

In less than three months, I had:

  • 1000+ reviews - honest, organic reviews from readers who loved my books
  • $31,000 sales - six million pages read and over 200K downloads
  • 27,000 subscribers - eager to hear news of my next release

I helped a few friends in my genre improve their Amazon pages and they got an immediate boost in sales and income. I shared a few tips with friends and they saw even bigger results. One hit the NYT bestseller list. Another got featured in Oprah. Another author sold hundreds of copies in bookstore signings.

I made so much money one month I was able to rent a castle and use it as a writing retreat. CNN did a feature on us.

People kept asking me how I was doing it, offering to pay me thousands of dollars to work with me one on one. But I didn’t want to give up my writing time, and I wanted to make it more affordable for everyone, even indie authors on a budget, not just big publishers. I knew I could really help people, so ... convinced me to ... make a course.

Even though I’m not comfortable on video, I knew I had to share this stuff.

SO I spent hundreds of hours, researching, testing, thousands of dollars building tools and resources, hundreds of hours. I was obsessed. My wife had to remind me to eat and take a shower, but I was sick of seeing authors who felt overwhelmed and scared – I wanted to make it as easy as possible for authors to publish their books AND actually get them seen.


For the past five years, my wife and I have been travelling the world full-time. It's amazing to wake up full of purpose and enthusiasm and work on my creative projects, without worrying about income.

Now I want to give YOU the opportunity to learn the same techniques and bypass the publishing gatekeepers, while gaining the confidence and skills to write books full-time, as a career author.

Everybody wants a piece of the pie.

Most authors don’t even get a bit of the crust: they’re chewing on a tin foil plate, but hang on despeartely hoping for scraps. I want to help you carve out that juicy, sweet slice of publishing success. Quit your day job. Get fan mail. Change people’s lives. Create full time. Can you taste it?

I encourage and empower authors to take control of their own publishing, bypass the gatekeepers, and actually earn a living – I’ve done this for hundreds of authors, and now it’s your turn.

But it won't be easy....

At a publishing conference recently, I was warning authors against self-publishing services and vanity presses (because they’ll probably screw up your cover). I said something like “self-publishing is easy... you just need get your book formatted and designed, upload it to Amazon, and make sure you get the keywords and categories right. And then drive some traffic, and build your website and email list.”

But the more I kept talking, the more their eyes glazed over. It took me ten years to learn this stuff, and I’m an expert. But for new authors, building a platform can be overwhelming. It was like I was speaking a different language: permafree, bookfunnel, ARCs, autoresponders, conversion and visibility – I could talk for hours about any of this stuff.

★ Formatting and cover design
★ Building an author website
Setting up, building and communicating with your email list
★ Getting your book on Amazon
How to get found online
Facebook pages, groups and advertising
Finding influencers who will share your launch
Getting more book reviews (this is crucial!)

Even if you DO manage to publish, without overspending or falling victim to the rampant publishing scams (like overpaying for worthless marketing services), your book probably won’t sell. Almost always because you’ve made lots of little mistakes that kills sales – death by a thousand cuts.

You won’t know exactly why your book isn’t selling, or what to do about it. You can Google this stuff, but it'll take years to learn, and you'll be accosted with ads for vanity presses who promise big results but won't fix the REAL reasons your book isn't selling!

And even if you get everything right, that's just the beginning! How do you ensure long term sales and visibility, so your book isn't just swallowed up under the deluge of new titles?


What if you could become a BESTSELLING AUTHOR without spending all your time marketing?

Most authors say things like,

“I just want to get my message out there, I don't need it to make money.” But the truth is, a great book deserves to be read by more people.

If you have a story to tell, it's your creative duty to honor that calling and get your book out to as many readers as possible.

Luckily, marketing doesn't have to be awkward or uncomfortable. In fact, 95% of the “book marketing” actually takes place before you publish. It's about finding the value in your work, and communicating the benefits in a way that makes people beg for a copy.

After months of testing and thousands of failed experiments, I figured out the core components of a radically new way for writing and publishing books readers love. I boiled down everything into just three simple steps. Get these right and you won’t even need to market your books.

There's a better way

Watch this short video to learn the three secrets to publishing bestselling books.


Books readers love

Publish Cheap

Launch to #1

Even though I shared all my knowledge for free and I knew I was helping people (I have nearly two million views on YouTube), most people were STILL doing it all wrong! Wasting time and money on stuff that didn't work; ignoring the critical things killing sales; or paralyzing themselves with expectations of perfection.

It can be so frustrating to do all this alone, most authors quit when they've tried everything and still can't sell. Others lose their enthusiasm and waste time, feeling guilty about not writing, not finishing anything, or simply give up their dream of becoming an author.

That’s why I built a program to help. I've included step-by-step strategies showing you exactly what to do, and when. We'll cover EVERYTHING you need to know (this is the most complete self-publishing course on the market).

However, this is not JUST another video course showing you what to do. I've also built tools and resources to make it easier, plus personal support and feedback, to ensure your success.


Guerrilla Publishing

A field-tested battle arsenal of creative book marketing tools and video tutoials that will help you publish profitably, so you can go back to what you do best – WRITING!

This self-publishing masterclass has everything you need to reach $1000/month in book sales, without wasting time or money on spammy book marketing tactics.

Sounds great, let me in!


Guerrilla Publishing is an online course & mentorship program meant to take you from zero platform to bestselling author in less than 90 days. It'll help you write great books and market them with integrity.



First, you'll learn how to conduct market research, find your keywords and categories, identify your main competitors (or as I like to call them, "future collaborators.")

You'll figure out who your target audience is and what they actually want, so you can position and design your book to attract them - which will easily triple your marketing efforts. The most effective "marketing" actually happens before you launch your book.")


Second, we'll deep-dive into the principles of bestselling book design. Getting the cover right is crucial to success (everybody will tell you this, but even if you hire a professional designer, you may still end up with a cover that doesn't sell unless you understand why one cover will perform better than another.)

I'll also walk you through uploading your files for print and ebook distribution, and how to focus on the things that matter most.


Third, you'll learn how to build an email list of fans, get a bunch of reviews, and launch your book to #1 Bestseller. I'll give you the exact book launch checklist I've used to launch hundreds of books, and share the best promotional sites and strategies to get maximum visibility.


Fourth, you'll learn how to maintain long-term visibility by growing and automating your author platform. Hitting #1 for a day feels great in the short-term, but if you want to make a living as a writer you need your books to keep selling for months - if not years - after launch.


Bestseller Blueprint

My 4-step process for creating books that sell is the ONLY foolproof way to make a living as a writer, and if you do it right, you won’t even need book marketing.

It includes self-publishing basics, as well as advanced book marketing strategies nobody else is using yet. It even includes a step-by-step guided book launch roadmap and accountability, so you know exactly what to do at each stage of the process (and have the motivation to actually do the work.)

I've shared everything I know about book design, publishing and marketing books after launching dozens of #1 bestsellers - no matter whether you're a beginning author or established self-publisher, I guarantee this course will help you see results.

With dozens of lessons, exclusive supplemental content, case studies and examples, this course is far more than just a video series. You'll be encouraged to connect with other authors, participate in daily challenges and check in with a weekly progress report.


Guerrilla Publishing isn’t about writing crappy books or gaming the system. It’s about long-term, strategic action, and being quick and nimble enough to do things that big publishing houses can't.

It’s about finding out who your readers are and what they like, so you can provide them with better stories, and build up a massive fanbase that’s hungry for your next release.

THE TRUTH IS, you need two things to succeed: a core package that attracts and converts your readers, and a proven strategy that gets results. It doesn't matter how great your book is, if you can't get anyone to read it!

Everything I know about book design, writing and marketing is meticulously laid out in this course. You'll get the confidence you need to launch your book successfully, and avoid amateur mistakes that can hurt your credibility.

Lessons will be delivered to your inbox over the course of 12 weeks, and we'll check in and make sure you're getting value. Within 90 days, you should be able to have your book on Amazon and hit #1 in your category.

But these strategies will do more than just give you "bestseller status." You'll be learning something much more valuable, something totally new and different: a deliberate step-by-step system to write and publish books that sell, plus the tools and resources you need to start earning real income from your books.

You’ll know exactly what to do at each stage of the process, so you won’t get overwhelmed or distracted with shiny object syndrome. So you can spend less time marketing, and more time writing your next book.


Write books that matter.

It’s time to stop stalling, publish with confidence and share your work with the world.


At this point, the voices in your head might start raising objections like...

  • I'm already too busy
  • There's plenty of free training out there
  • I don't even know what to write
  • And who would listen
  • What if I get negative reviews
  • What if I get ZERO reviews
  • I've already spent money on other programs
  • I'm going to do it all myself
  • I don't want to do ANY of this stuff, can't you do it for me?

If you've been thinking about writing a book for awhile, you've probably already wasted hours searching the internet for publishing tutorials - which is probably how you found me.

If so, you'll know there's a ton of crap, and a lot of contradiction, and nobody really knows everything, and everybody is frantically trying to figure out the secret to success.

My free resources probably stood out, and led you here. And I know this course has everything you need... but it's still not enough.

Knowledge is useless unless you take action.



We've built systems to make sure you get the support and encouragement you need.

No author left behind...

If you've been writing for awhile, you might know that staying motivated and positive can be challenging, and there's so much to learn about, getting a handle on your book marketing may feel overwhelming and exhausting.

Maybe you've even bought courses before, but couldn't figure it all out and didn't want to say anything. That's why I've built Guerrilla Publishing with three main components:

★ The full course

with everything you need to launch bestsellers and some exclusive case studies.

★ 12 weeks of intensive group coaching

and the Bestseller Bootcamp email series. It'll give you a guided experience on the MOST important things, so you can get up to speed FAST even if you don't have time to watch all the videos in the course.

A full year's access to my insider's circle,

where you'll get the newest, cutting-edge book marketing hacks I discover BEFORE anybody else. If you’re the first in your genre or topic to use these, you’ll have a massive advantage.

Workbook + Bootcamp

I've set up a guided email series that will help you achieve the 24 simple, specific tasks in the companion workbook. You'll be encouraged to share your results, and also earn rewards for taking action. We'll go through this process together, and you'll know exactly what to do at each step in the process leading up to your book launch.

Coaching + Community

I never want you to feel alone or frustrated, so I've set up a members-only Facebook group where you can find instant support, feedback and hundreds of new writer friends. This is also where I share cutting edge marketing hacks that will put you far ahead of competitors. Publishing changes quickly, and it's a struggle to stay caught up - so as a special bonus, when you sign up today you'll get a full year's worth of access.

We'll try to give you quick wins, so you can see results right away - and remember, I'll be there to help you, each step of the way, and the private group will be available for advice, support and encouragement, so you never feel alone, clueless or frustrated.

I've seen other coaches or masterminds charge literally 10X as much just for the community aspects, without any video tutorials - that's because they know support and long-term motivation is as important as education.

Imagine, just months from now you could be a bestselling author!

How would it feel to...

  • Be the envy of your friends and the pride of your family
  • Do a signing at your local bookstore
  • Have people thank you for changing their lives
  • Get your book OUT THERE so you'll have the time and energy to start something new


Guerrilla Publishing includes everything you need to publish bestsellers, and is perfect for first-time authors or established authors looking to boost sales. You get all the resources, templates, course modules, support and feedback via the private Facebook group, and the 12-Week Bootcamp workbook to help you take action and see results quickly.

This is the ONLY publishing course that includes book design and publishing templates, editorial critiques from a PhD in Literature, email list building tools and scripts, promotional graphics for ads and social media, and proven strategies for writing high quality books on a budget that sell on autopilot.

Finally and most importantly, you get exclusive access to a personal publishing coach and book marketing expert (that’s me!) to answer all your questions and make sure you get the support you need to see REAL RESULTS. I'm not working with clients anymore so this is the only way to have access to me directly.

Down below you'll find the full curriculum. I've made over 2 HOURS of my best content for free, to make sure you get some value even if you decide not to work with me. Just scroll through the course materials and click the PREVIEW button on the available material. That'll give you a better idea about what kind of value I can provide. Also make sure to read the testimonials. I've helped all kinds of authors get results, and I can help you, too.


Click the PREVIEW button to view the available material.

Class Curriculum

  3. LAUNCHING YOUR BOOK to bestseller (hit #1 without breaking a sweat)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Final Steps
Available in days
days after you enroll


Double your sales in just 12 weeks.

Join Guerrilla Publishing now and get instant access to my PROVEN book marketing strategies + expert feedback for quick results

Join today for



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Succeed faster with these valuable extras!

I want to make sure you have all the tools that you need, so if you join today you'll also get access to $6374 in exclusive bonuses and resources!

BONUS #1: Book Design Templates

Most marketing courses ignore the fact that a poorly designed book will KILL sales. Save time and money with my templates and in-depth book design tutorials.

$997 + $297 VALUE

BONUS #2: Two extra courses

My first course, Reach Your Readers, is about building up organic traffic for long-term sales. My next course, The 21-Day Bestselling Author Platform, is about advanced, next-level publicity for getting famous quick. Even though Guerrilla Publishing already includes everything you need, when you join now you'll get 3 courses for the price of one.

$997 + $297 VALUE

BONUS #3: BookFetti + 1000 Subscribers

I talk a lot about using book giveaways to grow a list of ideal readers, but I didn't want you to have to buy the expensive giveaway software I've been using. So I developed my own. You'll get it, along with a mini-course on building a list of engaged fans.

$197 + $97 VALUE

What about book marketing?

To launch bestsellers, you're going to need three things:

  • Book readers love
  • Amazing book design and formatting
  • Platform of supportive readers

Selling books consists of only two things: conversion and visibility. Most authors only think about the second – getting more eyeballs on your book. But more eyeballs is not what you need. You need the right eyeballs only, which is why marketing online is so much better than going to a general book conference and getting a table.

You don’t want 10% of everyone to buy your book, you want 90% of a very small, select market, and you can reach them much easier with online advertising, or organic traffic that matches what your ideal readers are actually searching for

HOWEVER, even if you get your ideal reader to see your book, they won’t buy it unless you overcome their objections.

First, you have to make it absolutely obvious what genre your book is and who it’s for, and attractive to ideal readers – this is what a book cover is for.

Then you need to sell them on the benefits or hook them with story, and communicate that this is a book they’re going to love and is exactly what they want to read. You can do that with a well crafted blurb.

Finally, you need enough reviews and social proof to convince them of the quality of the book, because readers will hesitate to buy from someone they’ve never read before. Those three things – cover, blurb and reviews – are the trifecta of conversion.

Screw up any one of them, and your book won’t sell no matter how much visibility you get.

The problem is, for most people, getting these things right is really difficult. HOW do you get more book reviews? What makes a bestselling cover? What kind of blurb will convert readers?

Even though my course covers everything you need, I wanted to make sure you get the support you needed, so to make this course as valuable as possible, I added in a few “done-for-you-services” that easily cover the enrollment fee. But I just found out I’ve been massively undervaluing these services, so I’ll be removing them soon.

BONUSES #4 & #5

Platform Analysis + Blurb Revision


I know that sometimes it's hard to figure stuff out on your own, and I don't want you to waste too much time struggling with the learning curve. So when you join today, I'll personally review your author platform and identify why your books aren't selling and how to increase conversion. I'll also edit or rewrite your all-important blurb, and take a look at your cover.

$349 + $197 VALUE

Honestly these high-touch coaching bonuses and personal feedback are worth the price of the course (I usually charge more for a one hour consultation). But I want to make sure you get all the help you need. Since there's only one of me, this is a limited-time offer and spaces are limited.

With Guerrilla Publishing, you’ll be able to sell more books with less time and effort, so you can focus on writing instead of marketing.

Join today for



WARNING: These quick-action bonuses are limited to only 10 new students a month. Once I reach 100 students, the price is going up to $997. Join today to lock in your discount.

I wish I'd known about you and all this wonderful material several years ago. I feel like I FINALLY HAVE A ROADMAP that will lead me to the success I've been striving for. My "to do" list for fixing my books so they'll start converting to sales keeps growing with all of your ideas.
Ida Smith Thriller Author
I just wanted to say thank you for the resources and the great information. By following your advice I've stablized my sales, redone my covers, and am about to have my MOST SUCCESSFUL LAUNCH yet for my third book. Since I've gobbled up all of your info, I've become a much better stwear of my fiction.
Casey Calouette Military Scifi
Derek, thank you so much for sharing your learnings. You are a genius! Thanks to you I worked on a marketing strategy that helped my book be a #1 BESTSELLER last week. Please keep sharing because it makes a difference.
Norka Parodi Real Estate Writer

As a new indie author with one unsuccessful book launch, I needed a way forward. Cue Derek Murphy, the Creativ-Indie. I could have spent hours poring the internet and refining my methods, but why would I when it is all in one place? And that's what the Guerrilla Publishing course is - EVERYTHING NEEDED to produce and release a book, all in one place. I'm hugely excited about moving forward and putting all this into action.
James Hockley Dark Fantasy
Man, your courses have so much detail, and so many GREAT IDEAS! And the videos...I have to constantly pause and write stuff down, then I go back and rewatch several times. This course is the juiciest marketing/publishing course I've ever taken, and I've been through a few. Thanks for what you do!
J.K. Campbell Middle Grade Fiction
When it comes to self publishing, there are a vast number of resources out there. However, for those who have struggled for years without finding success, you need a practical guide. Derek Murphy’s course will teach you how to write the books and then, market them in the right places. Without that KEY STRATEGY, the books fail despite the amount you spend marketing it. He should be charging more, but he seems to be the kind of guy that wants to help and goes all out.
Ginny Clyde Paranormal Romance

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing videos, they have helped me immensely. Your voice is so calm, so kind and ENCOURAGING, and I have learned so much from you. Following your advice, my book reached the top 100 in paid Kindle books overall, it was number 84 I believe or something, which I'm so grateful for.
MC Frank Romance Author
I've done several introductory courses, but Derek's take the cake. The way he goes through his process by video gives a HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE I've seen nowhere else. He has a ton of stuff you can actually use that I haven't heard other people talking much about. He shows how to build a network between your website, social media presence, blog posts, graphics and video. He's given me the tools to build and lent a hand himself, and my platform is growing each moment.
Azalea Dabill YA Fantasy
Like so many authors out there, I felt like I was drowning when it came to marketing, and struggling with how to find my audience. Your videos and lessons are just what I needed. Rather than gloss over the 'big picture' stuff needed to progress, you break down steps into MANAGEABLE OBJECTIVES and give your students actual examples from your experience. So helpful!
Joni Green Mystery Writer

Finding you is like taking a breath of fresh air after hiding from my plague of fears and disasters for so long. You are the very reason hopeful innocents like me are able to CONTINUE DREAMING and striving to make dreams a reality.
Thia licona Inspirational Writer
Derek is a wonderful instructor, intriguing storyteller, and a SUPERB MENTOR. Even to old guys like myself.
Dave Powell Historical Fiction
If there are others out there like me who have consumed all your AMAZING DATA as fast as we can hunt for it, self-publishing is about to get a lot more interesting and a lot more competitive.
Nick Koff Non-fiction

Derek Murphy is simply the best in the cover design world. I'm a co-founder of a publishing company and recently hired a new cover designer. The first "training" I did was take him directly to Derek's portfolio.
Matt Stone ArchangelInk
Derek, thank you again for spending some time on the Will It Fly stuff - it's been a crazy journey and we're almost ready to launch! I can't express how much your designs helped in shaping the conversation around what the book cover eventually turned into. Thank you, seriously, for your help.
Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income
One of the most critical things for the success of a book is a cover design that catches the eye and makes the reader want to try it. Derek designed several professional covers for my own books and I can recommend his design skills highly.
Joanna Penn TheCreativePenn

I have learned more about self publishing from you than many others. You present your information in very precise ways with examples that are EASILY UNDERSTOOD. I'm thinking of changing my title, the book description, and cover for my first book of a trilogy before I relaunch it. Thanks so much!
Irene Vincent Spirituality
Derek, you are without a doubt a FORCE OF NATURE, awakened at exactly the right moment in our evolution. You've inspired me to let the energy flow. More energy to you my helpful partner.
Doug New Inspirational Poet
You are the yoda of indie publishing. With your advice I put my book on the bestseller list for more than a week. My target audience are now die hard fans, who gave FIVE STAR reviews. The point is, you have helped me turn my writing into a livable income. I owe you and really cherish the advice that I've received."
William Miller Thrillers

Will this work for me?

WARNING: Guerrilla Publishing is not for everyone. The fundamental insight of my main platform is that creativity is a gift to be shared. I talk a lot about producing quickly, and writing books that the market actually wants. That’s because I don’t believe creative work has value unless it matters to your audience.

Selling more books is simply a matter of writing books that sell, or books that more people are already willing and eager to pay for (so you don’t have to convince them to buy; you simply put the right book in front of them and it will sell itself with little marketing).

If you're getting ready to publish your FIRST book, I actually recommending starting with my free resources, or joining my epic book design bundle (which includes my first course, Reach Your Readers). Guerrilla Publishing includes lots of support and resources to help self-publishing authors get it right the first time, but is more suited to experienced writers who have figured out the basics, but are ready to do better.

We've seen best results from authors who are already making at least $100/month in book sales, who want to scale up quickly. Likewise, my feedback will be more valuable if you've already published a few books and have an author website or platform for me to review.

On the other hand... why spend years doing everything wrong, when you could join now and get it right the first time?

This is stable, long term stuff, not flash in the pan marketing or anything dodgy (manipulating readers into buying books is NEVER good for your long-term success). But Guerrilla Publishing is much more than an online course, because it actually includes the tools and templates you need to be successful.

But most importantly, you get feedback and support.


These publishing tactics will work for all kinds of fiction and non-fiction, and I'll also give you some specific book marketing strategies for each.


You don't have to choose between passion and profit: I believe the best books will also earn the most, as long as we focus on providing value to more people. Unlike most other book marketing or publishing courses, this one focuses on the product, which means writing better books. But it ALSO focuses on turning a profit, so you can invest in your platform and make sure your books get seen. The best art is the one that people know about.


It doesn't actually matter HOW you publish: finding your audience and communicating value will be critical either way. I recommend self-publishing so you can learn quickly and control everything... but if you want to get an agent and a publisher, they're going to want to see you've put some effort into your author platform. Not only will this course help you develop a much stronger pitch, it'll also let you build an impressive author platform in a short amount of time - which will give your proposal a competitive edge.

Here's the thing: it doesn't matter how good your book is if you can't get anyone to read it. That means getting clear about the audience, and positioning the most appealing benefits in a way that resonates with your readers. Whether you're self-publishing or pitching an agent, if you can't get someone's attention and hold it, you won't be able to sell it. (Nobody else can discover the value of your work for you: it's your job to figure it out).

If you're self-publishing, discoverability is going to be even more difficult.

It's so important, in fact, that recently at a publishing conference I saw a big company offering "metadata analysis" and "Amazon optimization" as separate services, costing $400 each! I include keyword research and blurb revision for all my students, along with help teasing out the main benefits of your book, but that's just the start. I'm really excited about helping you craft bestsellers deliberately, by getting the outline, cover, title and subtitle right from the beginning.

It's an unconventional form of publishing based on providing value, but you'll see results so much faster. Guerrilla Publishing at its heart is meant to help you publish profitably, so you can invest on building your author platform without losing money. I want to make sure you have a book that will sell before helping you with the big stuff, like getting a million views, doing book signings, hitting the NYT bestseller lists or even getting featured by Oprah.

If you want to go big or attract a publisher, you'll need to start building your author platform (even if an agent is interested in your work, they'll check out your website first for any red flags). Join today and not only will you get a video review with specific tips, steps and strategies you can implement immediately, but I'll also help you find the heart of your story and perfect your pitch.

Once you're ready to go big, you can dig into my more advanced 21 Day Author Platform.


★ Instant Access to the Guerrilla Publishing Course ($497)
★ 12-Weeks of Mentorship in the "Take Action" Guided Bootcamp ($500)
★ A Full Year's Access to the Members-Only, Inner Circle Community ($500)
BONUS: 3 months of Unlimited Coaching ($1997)


★ The 21 Day Author Platform ($997)
★ Reach Your Readers ($297)
★ Book Design and Promotional Graphics ($197)
★ A Giveaway App and First 1000 Subscribers ($297)
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I have never followed anyone that comes across as GENUINE as you are. I don't trust people easily as I am naturally skeptical, but you are different. You have proven yourself again and again. I used to follow some other well-known self-publishing gurus until I eventually learned that they didn't care if I succeeded or not. Any time I talk with anyone about writing, publishing, or creating, I mention you and your approach. You are THAT good.
David Lawrence Middle Grade Scifi
Tons of value in this course! Just the author platform audit is worth a lot, since it's coming from an author with a PhD in Literature, and the experience and sales proof to back up what he teaches. One of the BEST WRITING COURSES available.
Cory Reynolds Young Adult Author
The indie publishing information business can sleazy. I stumbled on Derek later than sooner, but live and learn. I am VERY IMPRESSED by the breadth of his knowledge and his willingness to share. He’s the real deal. Not some internet marketing dude. He's proven his worth and value time after time, and I am fine spending money on any course he puts out. If he’s selling something, I’m buying it.
Tari Akpodiete Journalist

Derek Murphy offers a refreshing, honest perspective in the indie author business. I consume everything he puts out as fast as it becomes available. It's comprehensive, timely, and real. I do a lot of coordinating with groups of authors, both online in the Romance author community and in my local area. People always ask me "WHERE DO I BEGIN?" and among the short list of things that make up my response to that question, Derek Murphy is one of them.
Nicole R. Locker Contemporary Romance
This course has it all. It covers every aspect of self-publishing, from your initial book idea to book launch and marketing. I followed Derek's advice, redesigned an underperforming title and saw a MARKED INCREASE in downloads. I'm already seeing more traffic coming my way. I would definitely recommend this course over many others costing more than twice as much.
Shaun L. Griffiths YA fantasy
Both series popped within an hour of going live on Amazon and sold double what they had previously this month. Yesterday was the best sales day of the month so far in all my books. And that was just the first day. I did ZERO PROMOTIONS for any of this. Today is shaping up to be even better. You are a breath of fresh air in this business, and I'll keep up with the course and implement some of it. It has already given me value back.
Douglas Clegg NYT Bestselling Author

The prevalence of your many topics, the plentiful resources, and the imagination of the time that you must have put into establishing this is astonishing. Please, keep flourishing with love the insights that are so complimentary to inspire authors, and readers.
Ronald Walker Western Thrillers
I have learned a massive amount since finding you. You are not selfish, and I like your attitude. I am drinking up everything I can that you send out. Your passion and love for writing is the driver. And, man, you are an inspiration. Your energy is contagious! Thank you so, So, SO much.
Lori Ward Children's Books
If there are others out there like me who have consumed all your amazing data as fast as we can hunt for it, self-publishing is about to get a lot more interesting and a lot more competitive.
Nick Koff Non-fiction

You might think you can figure all this stuff out on your own, but I’ve done that - stressed out, procrastinating, feeling guilty about not writing. It’s no fun.


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PS. I'm not just some internet marketer - I have a PhD in Literature and have been featured in CNN for running writing retreats in castles. More importantly, I'm a full time writer, which means I'm launching books of my own and will always stay three steps ahead of the market to make sure my books continue to sell. Also, I love cats, so how bad could I be? :)

But don't take my word for it - ignore everything else I've written so far. Go back and read all the glowing unsolicited reviews and testimonials on this page. Publishing is a minefield of scams, preying on the hopes and dreams of would-be authors. I do the best I can, and most people are pleasantly surprised by my level of attention. If I can help you avoid just ONE overpriced service or worthless (but overpriced) marketing tactic, it'll easily save you the cost of this course.

Write a book that matters. Make a living from anywhere. Be the master of your own destiny.

"I've worked with thousands of authors to help them nail their story and market their books, and I always refer them to Derek Murphy's work. Derek has the most creative ideas for marketing books. He draws from his previous background as a cover designer, blogger, and internet marketer to bring fresh techniques and tactics to the book industry. More importantly, he tests everything he teaches with his books and gets serious results! What I love about Derek is that he believes first and foremost in giving value to the world. He has given so much of his resources and time to the communities he builds, and he really cares about helping each person make progress. Derek is the type of person who way overdelivers on everything he does. He works hard to help people find success and will do the same for you."

- Monica Leonelle, The World Needs Your Book

"If you are an indie author or otherwise with limited resources, little to no knowledge of the publishing industry, or are wondering how to format and market your work, you should seriously consider taking Derek Murphy’s Guerrilla Publishing online course. I learned a ton from Derek’s course about sales, retention, reviews, publishing, marketing, formatting, and assorted software that make my life easier while trying to do all of the above. I not only found his information vital while formatting the interior of my upcoming romance novel, the loads of helpful material about book cover design (this was one of my favorite sections) and marketing without being spammy was also extremely useful. In addition, he shares his detailed knowledge on launching a new book, which I intend to review again when I’m finally ready to launch. The course is long but straightforward. All the extras found in the course make purchasing the full package worthwhile. The educational value is definitely worth the cost.

- Jamie Schulz, www.jamieschulzauthor.com


Take the pain and frustration out of writing a book, gain creative confidence and a decade worth of publishing experience quickly, without wasting years of frustration and wheel spinning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this really help me sell more books?
YES. Why? There are three secrets to selling books. Most other courses focus on basic book marketing advice that EVERYBODY else is already doing, and they avoid the uncomfortable fact that 90% of authors are trying to sell books that nobody wants. This is the ONLY course that focuses on writing books for a specific audience, so you know exactly how to design, position and package your book to attract your ideal readers. Plus you'll find dozens of innovative strategies nobody else is even talking about yet.
Does it really work?
Absolutely. These are the strategies I used to... - Build a list of 35K fans - Sell 20,000 book and get 100K downloads - Get nearly 1000 book reviews - Become a full-time writer in less than two years But it isn't a magic bullet. If you've written a book for a very small audience, and they don't like it, this course won't fix the core problem - but it can help make sure your NEXT book is much more successful.
Will it work for fiction/nonfiction/poetry/kid's books?
I've designed this course with both fiction and non-fiction authors in mind. I've successfully published both, and have helped design launch books in ALL genres. No matter what kind of books you write, this course will you connect with your audience, get more visibility and build a platform for your writing.
When does the course start and finish?
It starts as soon as you join; we have a structured learning experience set up but you'll have lifetime access to the course materials as well, plus up to ONE YEAR of support and feedback (we understand that writing and publishing is a long-term effort).
Why should I trust you?
I've been putting out free templates, tutorials and videos to help writers self-publish for the past decade. My resources get thousands of downloads a month and I'm up to nearly a million views on YouTube. But forget all that. More importantly, people like and trust me, because I'm a boy scout at heart and my purpose is to serve. I also care too much about what people think of me, so I give WAY more than I charge for and hate letting people down. Honestly I hate selling things on the internet, but I want more authors to get high quality information so they can avoid the scams.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
There's a ton of material in my courses, but if you don't find something useful that improves your book sales, or are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, just let me know and I'll refund you. I'll even make you a bet: using the tips in this course will help you double your book sales in less than a year. If they don't, ask me for your money back.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited LIFETIME access to the courses and templates for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. I'll also keep adding new courses and materials into the membership area, so you'll get full access even if you bought in at a lower price.
What if I fall behind?
Twice a year we open enrollment and go through the course together, but you'll have lifetime access to the material. I understand that publishing a book is a long term effort; you'll have one year of access to the community and can get my personal help and feedback whenever you need it.
What if I don't have a book yet?
Perfect! If you're just thinking about writing a book, I can help you find the right idea for YOUR goals, and develop it into a working outline. I can't write the book for you, but I can make it much easier with structure and guidance.

MY PROMISE AND COMMITMENT TO YOU. I know what it's like to buy something that looks great, but is full of crappy resources. That's why I've poured everything into this course, it's taken me months and hundreds of hours to make it as helpful as possible, and I'm still building NEW resources to make it the most complete and up to date publishing course on the internet.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We recommend authors commit to the whole 12 weeks for best results, so you'll have time to take action based on our feedback. However if you sign up and aren't absolutely blown away by the amount of resources and materials in this course, let me know within the first 30 days and I'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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