How to grow from 5K a month to 50K

This is a weird, rambling video because I'm jet-lagged and over-caffeinated, but there's a lot of really great content in it so I'll leave it up.

I made this video for authors who were already successful but wanted to do better. It really bugs me when I ask for help and people say "But you're already doing pretty well!" - so I don't want to make the same mistake.

Don't be intimidated by "5K a month" - everyone starts somewhere. You might only be making $5 a month. That's fine. These tips will still help you 10X your sales.

It's much easier to scale success than to overcome failure (you can't fix what you can't see and measure... it's much easier to improve when you're actually making sales.)

So how do you go BIG?

Most authors who are already making $5000 or more a month are still making lots of mistakes.

+ They often haven't focused on their email list or blogging for organic traffic.

+ Their book descriptions or covers may not be that great actually.

So sometimes, they just want to tear things up and start over with new covers. I've been skeptical of that approach, because I think if a cover is basically working, they should focus on more visibility with ads - but I've also seen LOTS of authors take very decent covers, and redo them into amazing covers, and see big results with the extra WOW factor. Often the original covers were well designed but just not super interesting; or they look good but don't actually fit in/attract their target audience.

My point is - even if you're doing well, don't think you couldn't be doing better with changes to your core offer. The first step is always to improve your blurb, cover and reviews to make sure your converting the right readers.

But after that, there are three ways to 10x your income.

1. Publish 10x the books (more content)

2. Get 10x the traffic (blogging and content marketing)

3. Advertising

The third way is the "best" way, as it's quick and can be easy. But it takes patience and work to keep your ads performing, and it's generally hard to stay profitable unless you're advertising a completed series or boxset (though you can also try raising prices so you have more room for error).

You can also start thinking about a press release or announcement to celebrate your success - 5K a month is nothing to sneer at! You're well ahead of the game even if you're only making 1K a month.

You may not want to talk about the money or share your income reports, but sometimes letting people know that you're successful is necessary to get their attention and climb to the next level.