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Hey there and welcome! First of all, if you're not digging the pirate-theme, don't worry: most of these resources were mapped out long before I made the decision to reframe this course.

Go ahead and download the PDF, or if you prefer, you can get it on Amazon. But while you're here, let's do a quick case study. You see, my original "Book Craft" got too big and wieldy, so I decided to publish the nonfiction materials separately. For a long time, it was just "BookCraft: Nonfiction" which isn't a great title. It's also not great to have two books with the same name, even though I could turn it into a series (which I won't, because a series should appeal to the same audience, and these projects don't).

After finishing BookCraft, which leaned heavily into a magical theme, I got the website "write the magic" which is a lot better - I may end up using that as a title. Similarly, when I finished this nonfiction guide, I started playing with alliterative terms. I came up with "marry your memoir" and made a whole whole theme around it, but I was having trouble pairing nonfiction with a complementary verb.

Finally, I came up with "Navigate" which works well, because many nonfiction authors have trouble with the process and journey, especially of picking a direction and organizing their content. From there, I got to play with the theme and come up with the fun course levels, corresponding symbols and offers (Ishmael, Starbuck, Ahab) based on one of my favorite books.


The point is, regardless of what type of book you are writing, a theme helps make it stand out and be remarkable. Even if you don't actually have a USP (unique selling proposition), a great angle and framework for containing your content, information or stories can go a long way towards improving your nonfiction book.

The materials in this course are based on some of the writing insights I've picked up after working for over a decade in publishing, as a developmental editor, book designer and writing coach. (Though to be candid, I detest that term: I'd much rather you think of me as a guru. Someone to tap you on the shoulder and mumble platitudes before disappearing again into my mountain cave; rather than a peppy cheerleader who keeps you inspired and motivated.)

At the risk of going on a tangent, in my experience, authors only need motivation and inspiration because there is a dire lack of direction, purpose and know-how; which breeds insecurity and doubt. Other people can affirm your greatness and scream "you can do it!" whenever you stumble. I'll simply point out the misstep and how to rectify it by adjusting your form.

I offer solutions, not false flattery.

That said, if you want to rent my brain and have me solve your problems for you, I'll make sure to overdeliver and give you very clear direction and actionable steps and ideas for how to improve your manuscript and make it more marketable.

I recommend going through the book and course materials, and if you get stuck and need more help, feel free to upgrade to either the Starbuck (to give you a solid direction and anchor) or Ahab (for long-term navigational support and feedback).

Those who finish their manuscript at the Ahab level, will also get a free book cover on completion, but you can also hire my team directly for help with book design and publishing.


Since you're here, feel free to test out the comments section by leaving a short introduction to you and the book/project you are working on - or your publishing dreams and goals if you prefer.

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