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Get help producing your best creative work: courses & coaching

Welcome to the Creativindie library - a private vault of valuable courses and services for writers and creative entrepreneurs. Think of it as a members-only club where you can attend lectures, learn new skills, and rub shoulders with successful authors and artists. Some of my courses also include 1-on-1 mentorship, personalized feedback, or custom services.

All my courses are based on my core pillars "freedom, creativity and adventure" and the understanding that Real Art only has Value if it Matters. (In other words, if you make things that resonate emotionally with others, and package the benefits to attract readers, then you won't need to worry about sales or marketing).

I can help you plan, produce and sell your best work, but my measure of quality is commercial: the best creative work is the one that gets seen and is loved. The ultimate goal is creative independence, which means the freedom to pursue your unique vision without needing to compromise your artistic integrity. But that only happens if you make things people want, like or need; things that entertain or educate; things that add value and have intrinsic benefits.

But that's the boring stuff: all you really need to know is I have a PhD in Literature, am a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, and have helped authors get on Oprah or ride the bestseller lists for months, earning a full-time income from their book sales. I can't promise instant results, but I guarantee you'll get a lot farther, a lot faster, with my help.