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Get immediate, personal feedback on your entire author platform!

Get a personalized video review of your author platform - I'll look over your author website, Amazon pages, and comment on your book covers, blurbs, blog or website, author bio and everything else I can see. I'll show you exactly how new users and potential fans will be interacting with your website and platform, and point out red flags or quick fixes so you can instantly boost your results, without all the trial and error.

This is usually a service reserved for my advanced Guerrilla Publishing students, but I've decided it's too valuable not to share... and you can buy it now for just $97 (60% off!). That's a lot less than I normally charge for coaching or personal feedback, but I know you may not have time to go through all my videos or resources, and this way I can just tell you exactly what to fix, change or improve to make sure you sell more books!

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Derek Murphy
Derek Murphy

I've spent decades roaming the globe, studying philosophy, art history and literature. Now I help authors write and publish books while working on my own fiction and nonfiction projects. I have a deep, cutting insight into all things publishing-related and can give you specific, practical feedback and book marketing strategies you won't get anywhere else.

PhD in Literature, USA Today Bestselling Author, Featured in CNN for renting castles.

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